Chatbot 4.0, now with Screen Automation Skills

Generation's chatbots are the world's most advanced products, and now they come with the incredible ability to automate page interactions, reducing user clicks & fatigue.

Generation ARPA = Next-level Chatbot + Next-level RPA

Generation's Chatbot 4.0 / ARPA systems have proven to reduce time for complex processes by 99.17%, compared to solely human ops and over 60% less failovers to humans v/s industry-leading chatbots

Simple Maps for Complex Business Logic

Convert routine, mechanical processes into ease to audit trees, without engineers

Switch context, Retain State

Start down one path, go up & change options, ask questions in between and then continue

No Lock-ins

No proprietary language to learn, no special training required, no gotchas, no secret upgrade packs

Incredible Time to First Value

Median time to first value < 15 days

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Generation Deployed within the
Fortune 100

Global leaders within 3PL, Auto, Aviation, CPG, Healthcare, Retail, Energy leverage Generation to create unique scenarios for their customers, reduce time to find complex information by over 90% & finally enable complex self-serve bots.
Explore some of our use cases:

Automating Loadboards

A Lat-Am industry-leading 3PL sources > 15% of its revenue via the spot market by employing 400+ people to manually bid on customer loadboards. This was costly and error-prone; with new hires taking up to 3 weeks to reach proficiency. Industry-standard RPA was used, but was too cumbersome to fix every time it would break upon a loadboard change.


An ARPA system connected to a Dynamic API. The Dynamic API provided go / no-go advisory by evaluating each bid individually. The ARPA system automated the page load, individual bid read and then automatically submitted bids. The client also configured the Dynamic API to prompt the user for a decision when bid info satisfied certain edge cases and needed human intervention.


Loadboard SMEs were able to go from doing 3 loadboards a day to 8 loadboards a day, with NPS scores of 4.5+, on average. Customer projects savings @ 45% of existing cost base for manual bids, at scale. Time to first value was 16 days.

Reducing Time to Publish an SOP

This Fortune 100 customer produces & sells over 50,000 products globally. As a mega-corp, it's siloed team faces massive issues with Master Data Management, creating problems for their sales teams w.r.t. compiling content & SOPs.


The Customer deployed Generation ARPA to solve the problem of master data management & rapidly producing sales content & customer SOPs through a simple clickthrough process that standardized templates, content structuring and formatting .


The Customer was able to leverage Generation ARPA to reduce time to create sales materials & SOPs by over 80%, allowing customer SMEs & sales engineers to spend more time on value added work & less time searching for info.

Making Call Centers More Efficient

The Customer, an insurance broker, looked to increase capacity within their call center that signed up individual enrollees The stated objective of the evaluation was to reduce agent training time by providing a guiderails framework.


Generation ARPA was deployed to navigate agents through multiple web-based signup systems, associated scripts & condition-based disclaimers to take the cognitive burden off the agent and to let them focus on signing up the enrollee quickly.


The Impact: Median reduction in call time was in excess of 25%. Average Net Promoter Score by agent was 4.5 on a 5.0 scale.